“Want To Grow Your Business & Personal Brand?
Here's How To Virtually “Pull" Highly Qualified Customers And Clients To Your Business
...Without Spending A Dime On Advertising!”

From The Desk Of Dan Lok. 
Vancouver, Canada.

The business world as you and I know it has changed.

With more skeptical customers... people starting 
businesses... businesses lowering their prices... rising ad costs... and a devastating 24/7 global competition...

From The Desk Of Dan Lok. 
Vancouver, Canada.

The business world as you and I know it has changed.

With more skeptical customers... people starting  businesses... businesses lowering their prices... rising ad costs... and a devastating 24/7 global competition...
It's Harder Than Ever To Get Customers
And it's no wonder so many businesses aren't scaling the way they want to. 

According to a Hubspot research, 65% of people don't trust advertisements, and 71% don't trust sponsored ads on social media. 

So even if you have the best advertisements, 65% - 71% of people have opted out before giving you a shot.

However, it's far from doomsday for startups, business owners, and entrepreneurs... 
You see, to succeed in business today in this fast-changing world, we need a brand-new type of capital.
A few years ago, I wanted to grow my business online and help more people succeed.

But... I couldn't.

The competition was fierce.

I was struggling with getting people's attention. 

Many of the other business owners were more successful in getting customers and clients.
  • ​I tried going to more networking events…didn’t work.
  • I tried cold-calling potential customers…didn’t work.
  • I even tried lowering the price on some of my products and services. 
However... one day, I dissected the success secrets behind the highly successful people, I found the biggest factor behind their success.

That's when I discovered a NEW type of capital..

I started getting more and more highly qualified customers and clients that shortly after became long-term mentees and students

This new type of capital is what I've used to scale my business from 0 to 8 figures in under 18 months

All the world's top companies and global brands understand the raw power of this type of capital.

Because of this new capital, I was recently invited to come on Fox News.

It was the capital that helped me build a global community of amazing clients and fans from over 150+ countries.
Now, I'm not talking about digital currency or financial capital or anything like this...I call this...
"Attention Capital”
Attention capital is when you get so much attention from the marketplace, people can't help but notice you, your brand, and your business.

And it's not just about getting attention...it's about keeping it.

It's about developing a relationship with your audience. In today's digital world, a relationship is the core reason why they will buy or not buy from you.

Why they trust you or not trust you.

It's the one thing that separates the businesses that make a lot of sales from the business that makes a decent amount of sales.

When you have attention capital, more customers and clients will see you as the expert. They'll seek advice from you. And most likely buy from you.

It's a powerful positioning tool.

Now, at this point you're probably wondering,
“How do I get this attention capital and use it in my business to make more sales?"
I'll explain that in just a second. 
But First...
I've discovered that 95% of entrepreneurs and business owners try to acquire attention capital the WRONG way.

And when you do it the wrong way, you actually repel clients and customers.
Ever Seen This Before?
This is what I call...Interruption Marketing.

Interruption Marketing is when they yell out to the masses in person or on social media:
"Hey, you want to try this face cream?"
"Want to make $X amount of dollars? Contact us and get a crazy discount now!"
"We've helped thousands of people change their lives. Are you next? Hire us now!"
Now, what's wrong with that approach?

They're getting attention and pitching their products - that's good, right?

Well, let me answer that with this question...

When you walk through the mall and someone walks up to you and says, "Hey, you want to try this cream?" or spray stuff on you...What's your reaction?

This approach may have worked in the 80's and 90's.

But now?

It's actually repelling people from even contacting the advertisers.

So, what's the RIGHT way of acquiring and using this Attention Capital to grow your personal brand, your business, and increasing your income?
How I, A Chinese Immigrant With A Thick Accent, Built An 8-Figure Global Movement In Less Than 18 Months...
In late October, 2017, I created my private mentorship program called High-Ticket Closer Certification Program™.

It was small.


And there were only around 200 students in the first season.

My initial goal was to train them and then hire the best for my business.

However, there was something in me that thought....
"What if I could double the amount of students?”
So l turned to something I hadn't paid much attention to in years.

I was only working on it a few hours a week.
The result?
Because I spent a few hours a week paying attention and working on that one thing, I not only went from 200 to +5,899 highly qualified and raving students...

I also fulfilled my dream by doing what I love 90% of the time, which is  teaching, guiding, and connecting with amazing people like this... 
All in less than 18 months!
That's how I found my getting a lot of Attention Capital and grew my personal brand, my business, and my overall impact on the world.

So, how can you do it too?

Let me reveal that to you... 
How To Amass Attention Capital And Grow Your Business & Personal Brand FAST Using 'Attraction Marketing'
What if you could have highly qualified prospects chasing YOU?

See, when I studied the secrets behind highly successful business owners and entrepreneurs...

I found that they attracted clients to their business instead of wasting hours hoping for referrals or successful cold-calls.
The fastest way to get attention capital is by attraction marketing.  
Attraction marketing is giving the customers what they want, when they want it.

When I say that, most people immediately think of Facebook Ads, Instagram posts, or LinkedIn posts. And sure, that gives you some attention - however...

Think of YouTube.

When someone searches for "how to lose weight" on YouTube, are they looking for something specific?

And if you have a video on that topic, are you giving the viewer what they want, when they want? YES!

That's attraction marketing.

Assuming your videos are filled with value and solve problems for people, do the chances of them buying from you skyrocket? YES!

The key here is to create YouTube content related to your business.

Imagine you have a fitness business... You make a video on how to lose weight.

Then, at the end of the video, you finish with a call to action...

"Now, if you want a comprehensive meal plan and fitness program perfectly suited for your goal, click the link below to learn more.”
That's how you turn your attraction marketing into attention capital...

...And how you turn your attention capital into highly qualified customers and clients
That's what makes YouTube one of the easiest platforms to do attraction marketing to amass attention capital.
Have you ever watched a YouTuber and really like what they're about, and you feel some kind of connection with them?

Maybe you watch their videos or you enjoy their content and trust them

When you do this and you offer your product or service, it feels like it's coming from a trusted friend instead of a random person trying to pitch something online.

And it doesn't have to take more than a few hours a week to scale your business with YouTube.

So, what do you have to do to achieve similar results in your business?

Do the opposite of what all the pros tell you.
That's why I'm now introducing...
YouTube Secrets
I've gathered all the proven strategies my team and I have used (and continuously use) to build a scaling 8-figure business using YouTube And put them into a complete, to-the-point training.
You'll Discover The Fastest, Easiest Way To Get Your Next 1,000+ Subscribers FAST Using What Nobody Talks About...
Getting your next 1,000+ subscribers doesn't have to take more than just a few hours a week. And it doesn't have to be hard work either. 

All the YouTube professionals told me otherwise.

They said:

"You need to edit your own videos and have perfect camera equipment to make them perfect”...

"You need to film videos every single day, work 50+ hours a week, and edit your own videos"... 

“You have to focus on growing your channel slowly.”
I followed their advice... yet nothing happened... for a long time my channel growth barely budged and I didn't make ANY money.

But when I started doing the OPPOSITE of what the pros told me, and started using the 'secret formula' that 99.9% of all YouTubers don't know (that you're about to discover)...

The channel took off and literally exploded.

I realized that to grow your channel and use it to scale your business...
  • You don’t need to use expensive camera equipment and software or to make your videos ‘perfect.’
  • You don’t need to film videos every single day. All it takes is one day a week (You’ll get the full strategy behind this in YouTube Secrets)
  • And you don’t have to focus on growing your channel slowly. (At first growth may be slow, but soon your channel will grow at an unstoppable rate with these YouTube secrets!)
The whole key to success on YouTube and in business is consistency.

You will get much better results by uploading one video a week for 3 months (slow) than 3 videos a week for only 1 month (fast).

When you stop listening to the "YouTube professionals" and focus on authenticity and consistency, your next 1,000+ subscribers comes much faster and easier.

Imagine pushing a snowball down a hill .
It may go slow at first, but eventually it picks up speed, and soon the snowball becomes so massive and fast you can't stop the growth!

That's exactly like your YouTube channel.

If you can get to your next 100 subscribers, your next 1,000+ will come in no time. And equally, that's how fast you'll be able to "pull"

That's the magic of 'The Snowball Effect'...an unstoppable force that will bring you more subscribers, views, and checks!
And here's the kicker...
You Can Grow Your Business And Your Personal Brand On YouTube Without Revealing Your Name Or Face!
YouTubers like 'Improvement Pill... 'How To Basic... and Practical Psychology' have become highly successful and have created a successful brand and business doing what they love without revealing their face or name. 
Improvement Pill created a channel around what he loves - helping people overcome their problems and giving them powerful strategies. And that has attracted 1,429,080 subscribers and according to Social Blade, a social media statistics tracker, he makes up to $4.4K a month.
According to Social Blade, How To Basic makes between $6K - $96.2K a month and has attracted 13,167,963 subscribers on YouTube by smashing everything in his videos and turning it into entertaining content.
Practical Psychology has gotten 1,652,521 YouTube subscribers and according to Social Blade he makes up to $6.1K a month talking about psychology and making helpful self-help videos for people.
Now, after going through YouTube Secrets, will you magically get 1,000+ subscribers overnight?


Will raving customers come rolling in the next day?


Whatever you decide to do with these secrets is entirely up to you.

However, if you’re serious about scaling your business and growing your personal brand fast, then let’s keep going... 
When You Enroll Today, You’re Getting Unlimited Access To The YouTube Secrets Training With Me, Dan Lok...
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101 YouTube Videos Cheat Sheet
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Access All Resources From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, Where I’ll Privately Teach You How To Virtually “Pull” Highly Qualified Customers And Clients From YouTube To Your Business And...
  • How to attract your first (or next) +1,000 subscribers FAST using the ‘Cape Of Authenticity’
  • ​How to shoot simple videos WITHOUT expensive equipment
  • Why 99.9% of YouTubers fail… (and how you can be the 0.1% that succeeds!)
  • ​The secrets to captivating your audience in 10 seconds or less and make them watch from start to finish
  • How to unlock fun… excitement… and fulfillment in your life through the magic of YouTube
  •  The #1 trick to overcoming ‘Camera-Shyness’
  • How to leverage the ‘Perception Portals’ to position yourself as a YouTube Authority and be the top 1% in ANY niche
  • How to silence your “little voice” and have unshakeable confidence in ANY video
  • ​How to become a compelling and influential YouTuber like PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, Bethany Mota, and many more
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘secret profit-generating formula’
  •  And much, much more!
About Dan:
Dan started his YouTube channel in October, 2014. He was told he could never grow a following because he was a shy, average-looking asian immigrant without video skills.

But when Dan decided to stop listening to all the YouTube professionals he was paying tens of thousands of dollars, he decided to do it “The Lok Way”. And today, Dan is recognized as the go-to expert when it comes to growing your YouTube channel in an easy and fast way.

With 1,473,022+ subscribers on YouTube, Dan Lok is one of the top YouTubers in the “Business”-niche and has done successful collaborations with celebrities and experts like: Brandon Carter, Improvement Pill, Graham Stephan, Stefan James, Antonio Centeno, Ryan Scribner, Timothy DeLaGhetto and many more!
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